Strange Aquors Collab


From news site :

If you’re looking for a new way to show the world which Aqours girl is best girl, God Hand has you covered. Their new limited-edition line of Love Live! Sunshine!! nippers is accurate, heavy-duty, and adorable.

They love collab with anything today.… Read the rest

Gun-fu in Vendetta

If you like Biohazard series or action movie, you probably will enjoy Resident Evil Vendetta. Of course you should know most major character from Biohazard and their history. They are not wasting time for reintroduce Chris Redfield, Leon, and Rebecca Chamber.… Read the rest

Eru Get Inside the Robot

In the past there is a boy that were forced by his father to pilot a robot. The boy didn’t want do it initially. But because of circumstances, he must pilot the robot or a whole city will blowing up. Starting as monster of the week, ended as drama psychological, Evangelion is still remembered until today.… Read the rest