Japan World at FIB

Few days ago I went to Japan World. An event hold by FIB UNAIR at Surabaya. As the name implies this event about Japanese culture especially anime and manga. Sadly there is no information about study in Japan or something like that.

Event organised by college students, don’t expect too much. I clearly see it wrong because in this recent years I only attend big event and forgetting how mess an event if held by college student. Not that I can talk because few years ago I got in this kind of mess.

From what I see this event separated by 3 area. Food stalls, merchandise and stage. Off course these all food are Japanese wanabe. Strange thing is, Hoka-hoka Bento the only big company in this event. Others stall is just local and small company.

Now in merchandise section which mostly fanmade and bootleg. Clowor also participate. Too bad I didn’t find my favorite character printed in shirt. They also have section for community. There are Peri papercraft, Love Live and AKB48, Visual Rock and KKBS. One of my friend is member of KKBS.

Now movin to stage area with strange layout. They placing -what are they called- “control center” not in the back or side of stage. But about 20m front of stage. It’s annoying because there is empty space behind control center.

My thought of this event, is somewhat boring. Not many big company participate, outdoor make you want drink a bottle of fresh water every 1 hour. Good thing most of the attendees have high enthusiasm. Because this kind of event kinda rare. Not many have chance to show their hobby and share with others.

Japan World