Nep Is Not For Everyone, But The Chosen One

This my first time playing Neptunia. I don’t have a PS3 or Vita but fortunately I have PC and they just released this game for PC. The biggest reason I want play this game because Tsunako’s artwork. Since I saw her work at booru, it’s a damn moe and lewd at same time.

Now I got the chance and I think this game isn’t bad but not spectacular either. Good thing is Tsunako artwork transferred really well in 3D environments. Like most JRPG, this is remind me old school RPG that focused in grinding and gathering material. Just in chapter 2 if player doesn’t grind and gather equipment properly, they will got their ass kicked by boss battle. After compared with original release for PS3, I’m glad they using battle system from Victory. This port have minor bug that will make crash in certain event. To fix it just set compatibility to Win XP SP3.

The story itself didn’t take seriously. It’s lighthearted and Nep personality is kinda fun. Also there is so many otaku joke related, either game or anime, in dialog. Example in this scene.
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Hint : Seiyuu jokes and 5pb VN. Player need some degree of knowledge about this thing. Some dialog lost in translation because culture wall. I do think not many American will understand the joke unless they localized it. Overall it’s fun but become tedious for grinding if you have small amount of time.