I Want to Play Cyberdimension Neptunia



I’m glad when IFI announced that western release of Cyberdimension Neptunia also available in PC. I want to play PS4 version if I have the console. Sadly at this moment there is no justification for buying a console. Beside I prefer buy a computer, preferably Apple family.

That Leads to Another Problem

My current potato laptop definitely can’t play Cyberdimension Neptunia. This game developed with PS4 hardware in mind. That’s mean I need spec at least near its spec. One sure thing it need 8 GB RAM.

This game seems use large map area. Almost like open world map. Their battle system is hack and slash. This game also need good GPU if you don’t want get FPS drop.

Fortunately Cyberdimension Neptunia developed with Unreal Engine. An engine that have good reputation for cross platform compatibility. I hope IFI didn’t f├╝cked up just like in HDN V-II when boss texture cause memory leak.