Create and Cheat Logo Design

Sometime there is client who didn’t want pay a lot of money to create logo. I don’t want accept the job but situation forced me to. So, why doing big effort just for small payment. Just throw it to online logo maker. I know the result isn’t spectacular. But it’s the most effortless.

One site that I found is but not really free. Since they ask few buck for high res jpg and pdf. I don’t really need that. Around 1000px square is just fine. But you can’t just copy from their online design tool. Because it is protected with ugly grid watermark.

Fortunatel I’ve found workaround and really simple after I figured it out. Basically you just need inspect element, delete certain css then block grid.png. It become clear white background. Screenshot, open jpg in Photoshop, clear the white background, make transparent and everything is set. Easy peasy.