Gun-fu in Vendetta

If you like Biohazard series or action movie, you probably will enjoy Resident Evil Vendetta. Of course you should know most major character from Biohazard and their history. They are not wasting time for reintroduce Chris Redfield, Leon, and Rebecca Chamber. From the start of the film you just should expect action film and nothing else.

The background story here is quite thin. It is just excuse for each character facing a new threat again. Just like in previous movie, Vendetta have silly plot armor for the main character.

Vendetta is story about Chris hunting an arms dealer. He selling bioweapon. To make it short, an improved virus so the zombie still recognize allies or enemies. First mission didn’t turned well.

Chris want to get Rebecca and Leon for additional help. But unfortunately Rebecca is kidnaped while Leon arguing with Chris. This arm dealer trying to stop Rebecca develop a vaccine. Because he is going to create outbreak in New York city. Thus Leon and Chris joined hand to save New York and Rebecca.

The graphic quality of this movie is quite good, if they are not moving. When they start moving, the animation felt a bit stiff. I don’t know how they do the motion capture but not all motion felt natural. So this movie still feel like glorified in-game cut scene.

Some zombie fight scene happened in close quarters combat. But Chris and Leon still fight using gun and sometimes wrestle with zombie. It’s silly and exciting at the same time. Here they aren’t just fighting zombie but also the arm dealer. He also got some great skill in CQC. Thus the gun-fu intensifies.

All main character in Vendetta is blessed with strong plot armor. Even if they slammed to wall and cornered numerous time, they still find a way to turn table. Oh hey this is just action movie. At least the way they handled it made the fighting scene looks cool.