Knight & Magic Almost Fanservice Free

Usually if anime adapted from LN, it got few beautiful girls. This act as attractor for reader. A bit different for this series, what is considered beautiful is its mecha, Silhouette Knight. Thus this series lack of traditional fanservice.

There is only two girl with some additional support that doesn’t really matter. They are Addy and Helvi. But even they can’t be used as boy magnet. They lack personality that make female character interesting.

Finally or Maybe Not

It doesn’t mean this series totally free from fanservice. Episode six have one scene. The scene it self is pretty tame to be considered as fanservice. Also really short so it doesn’t really count.

knight & magic - fanservice

knight & magic - fanservice - addy

Actually I’m pretty happy with low skin screen time. It means they actually can make an anime adaptation that free from unnecessary fanservice.

Well the show it self focused to mecha. The author it self seem also a hardcore mecha nerd. But in order to sell, of course he need accommodate editor’s requirement. This is why Addy and Helvi personality so bland. They solely exist as support character.

I already saw spoiler image of Eru kissing Addy’s cheek. But to me it’s more like thank you kiss. It’s hard to imagine how they will develop romantic feeling. Since Eru pretty dense and only care about his mecha. He also see Addy as just childhood friends.