Tenshi no 3P

I didn’t watch Rokyuubu because their anime design isn’t interesting. But this season I watching Tenshi no 3P, adapted from the same LN author. This series also use same illustrator, Tinkerbell. But I think anime staff doing better at adapting for animation media.

The story is about girls band with 3 fifth grader as their member. But this is story from author of Rokyuubu. Who cares about story? They just excuse for watching some little girls in action.

A Lot of Skin

Just as expected this series have lot of fanservice. It’s surprising when lately not many anime about a group of little girls, showing their skin. Even their bonus BD from certain shop cater to targeted audience.

As for their music, quite bland. If you are expect something like K-ON earworm music, you’ll disappointed. For the starter, you watching Tenshi no 3P for little girls and Sakura as bonus. She is cute too and bring nice balance to the group.

tenshi no 3p - sakura toriumi