Tenshi no 3P

I didn’t watch Rokyuubu because their anime design isn’t interesting. But this season I watching Tenshi no 3P, adapted from the same LN author. This series also use same illustrator, Tinkerbell. But I think anime staff doing better at adapting for animation media.… Read the rest

Knight & Magic Almost Fanservice Free

Usually if anime adapted from LN, it got few beautiful girls. This act as attractor for reader. A bit different for this series, what is considered beautiful is its mecha, Silhouette Knight. Thus this series lack of traditional fanservice.

There is only two girl with some additional support that doesn’t really matter.… Read the rest

Turn That Yuri Googles

Holy shit this series sometimes doesn’t have brake. Sure this manga from Kirara Time magazine that known for shoujo-ai flavored. But when it is animated with wonderful color, it went better.



This Make Me Want to Commit a Hug

[HorribleSubs] Tenshi no 3P! - 02 [480p].mkv_sna
Of course not ordinary hug. But hug until I satisfied. I don’t really care about the story. Their music in first episode didn’t impress me either.


Yama no Susume 3rd Season

yama no susume

I’m excited when they annouce 3rd season of Yama no Susume. This is one good slice of life anime that actually enjoyable. First season didn’t do much because each episode is just short 7 minute. But second season cranked the cuteness with 15 minutes.… Read the rest

Strange Aquors Collab


From news site :

If you’re looking for a new way to show the world which Aqours girl is best girl, God Hand has you covered. Their new limited-edition line of Love Live! Sunshine!! nippers is accurate, heavy-duty, and adorable.

They love collab with anything today.… Read the rest

Eru Get Inside the Robot

In the past there is a boy that were forced by his father to pilot a robot. The boy didn’t want do it initially. But because of circumstances, he must pilot the robot or a whole city will blowing up. Starting as monster of the week, ended as drama psychological, Evangelion is still remembered until today.… Read the rest

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari anime adaptation looks promising. I’ve already read the manga and for isekai type story it’s pretty decent series. Not touching LN nor WN because I just can’t sit in long time just for reading without picture.… Read the rest