Hinako Note is Shit


I don’t even need to watch until 3rd episode to conclude Hinako Note is going to trash series. This anime adapted from Comic Cune, a Manga Time Kirara wannabe. So they have similar tone of cute girls doing cute things. Only more shit version.… Read the rest

Cute Little Sister

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Oh well, Eromanga-sensei story is just your average LN adaptation. Sagiri cuteness and some other character make the rest of it. I like how they handle some fanservice scene. Not revealing too many and leaving the rest to viewer imagination.

The winner is pretty obvious from the start.… Read the rest

Taking Lewd Into New Level

I always knew when reading New Game! manga, this series mostly focusing on girls talk. Even in the manga have some fanservice in here and there. But the anime adaptation is taking it into whole new level when showing lewd things.… Read the rest

You is Love

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If in ยต’s my favorite member is Maki, in Aquors my favorite member is You. Technically speaking her design near same-face with Hanayo. But after watching LL Sunshine few episode, I really like her personality. Mostly cheerful and high spirited. Always try to supper her friend especially Chika.… Read the rest

Need More Macross

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So far Macross Delta only excel at one thing, song. Most of their song is really earworm and good. Unlike Macross Frontier or original SDF, this story about Windermean War is kinda stupid. Thus I don’t really care what is going to happen next.… Read the rest

Haifuri not Generating Enough Hype

From the start this series is a bit mysterious. They didn’t promote anything about naval battle. This is probably to set everyone expectation as low as possible. Since they must compete with Kancolle and Arpeggio franchise.

Aniplex trying to ape Girls und Panzer success by throwing a lot girl.… Read the rest

Dimension W

Watching with low expectation, it’s turn out pretty interesting at least for up to episode 2. This series successfully hook my interest. New Ranpha also cute. Probably will read the manga later if anime not adapt all the story.