Nukige with Great Artwork

Nukige is kind VN of that you enjoy just for erotic scene. Requirement for this is great artwork. Here is two of my favorite.



nukige monobeno

After six years, Tooru returned with his younger sister Natsuha to the remote village of Monobeno deep in the mountains of Kochi prefecture.
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Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers

Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers will launch for PlayStation 4 in Japan on September 28, the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation reveals. It will cost 7,200 yen for the standard edition and 9,800 yen for the limited edition.The magazine also has new details.

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This Artbook Need to be Scanned

One of the artbook illustrated by Amasaka Takashi has been released about 9 months ago. The VN is pretty much nukige. Unionism Quartret have a lot of busty girl. And their design also top notch. It’s also have some flat chested to cater another demographic.… Read the rest

Gun-fu in Vendetta

If you like Biohazard series or action movie, you probably will enjoy Resident Evil Vendetta. Of course you should know most major character from Biohazard and their history. They are not wasting time for reintroduce Chris Redfield, Leon, and Rebecca Chamber.… Read the rest

I Want to Play Cyberdimension Neptunia



I’m glad when IFI announced that western release of Cyberdimension Neptunia also available in PC. I want to play PS4 version if I have the console. Sadly at this moment there is no justification for buying a console. Beside I prefer buy a computer, preferably Apple family.… Read the rest

Three Player Mode


GungHo adding feature called 3 player mode in Puzzle & Dragon. Just like the name, it’s allow three player to play sharing the same board but not health pool and leader.

One of feature in 3 player mode is auto match.… Read the rest

Not Suited as Main Lead

This is one of meta-joke from RB3. Sadly it is true. After playing RB2 and got all ending, I feel that game lack of something. Now I understand after playing RB3 and remember some scene from RB1. Nepgear dialog is just too normal.… Read the rest

Not Released Yet

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Some tsunako’s artwork for bonus preorder. Most of this is for new Blanc zombie game, released for PSV. And few for Advent Dark Force sequel of FFF for PS4.

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