Fairy Fencer F (PC Edition)

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This game actually released for PS3 in 2014. Then Compile Heart decide to release it for PC in August 2015. If you heard Compile Heart, you maybe remember they are famous for Hyperdimension Neptunia series. Their game typically moege, have small size and repetitive dungeon but very grindy.… Read the rest

AB 1st Beat

Key showing its true face. AB is one of the most hyped anime back then. But after 6 episode I clearly saw they cram too many plot. While it sold well, I think AB actually just mediocre at best. But they still try money milking this franchise with an official VN from Key.… Read the rest

Neptunia RB1 Custom Texture

Thanks ato anon from /vg/ that creating this little runtime to make it easy placing a texture. This mod allow you replace costume in RB1 PC edition.


Some texture can be downloaded from this blog :¬†http://stardustsdiary.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-460.html This texture actually made for HDN PS3 version so it is a bit low res.… Read the rest

GTA & MGS3 in One Game

Around 2008 I’m so busy and didn’t notice this game. Just playing this recently and I think Far Cry 2 is awesome. After you understand the mechanic, this game easier to do with stealth approach first, blast later.


Pandora & Juggler

I also play PAD JP server. Recently they release a card collab that is beyond broken. The card name translated as Juggler. This card will never came to NA because Square Enix is a b!tch for licensing thing. Yes this card is part of Crystal Defense Collab.… Read the rest

Ever Heard Cura?

Cura draw the best loli. Seriously you have to play Monobeno -Happy End- to appreciate how good his draw is. Even though you cannot read or understand Japan, this game is still worth for its H scene. I heard the story is nothing breakthrough.… Read the rest

This make want to buy PS4

Noire and Blanc glove is abit silly. But other than that this is great thight body suit. Based Tsunako.

Nep Nep

I haven’t defeated RB1 PC ver, waiting RB2 and RB3.

Lets Roll

About 200+ days later starting with GOdin, my box is unbelievable good. One that I didn’t expect is rolling DMeta and GZL. Now I can do Keeper of Gold, Wednesday and of course Friday. Though I’m still scared doing some descend.… Read the rest