Need for Archiving

I like a lot of font. But not all font available for free. Thankfully some of them stored as woff web font encoded as base64.

1) locate the complete font declaration, for example, font/opentype;base64,==abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz==

2) copy the encoded data portion; exclude the leading type declaration and comma.

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Imgbox is shutting down

Another Image Hosting is Down

Usually I’m using external image hosting for uploading image. This is because I want to reserve as much as possible my disk space in this free webhosting. But everything has pros and cons. Recently I learned that Imagebox is shutting down.… Read the rest


Ngentotlah untuk melanjutkan keturunan.

HR Oesil

Sumber dari wordpress doang semua juga bisa nulis sak karep dhewe.

Not Enough Energy

image host

This blog feel empty since for few months I’m not update it with anything. Too many problem IRL yet I still have time for playing Puzzle and Dragon. One of my favorite mobile game that have kiddy anime adaptation. I probably one of many player who fell disappointed with this adaptation.… Read the rest

Second Great Firewall

I think Kominfo just went full retard lately. They block anything that contain p0rn even if that only small part. Few days ago I heard tumblr is going to be blocked. I’m not active there and I think their community isn’t that great but AFAIK their p0rn content is small compared to dedicated p0rn site.… Read the rest

Big Chunk of Hypocrites

Congratulation guys, their committee just apologised. I’m waiting your next moves. /s

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I understand some of you may angered because a call for praying is remixed and used as BGM OST. What I don’t understand, most of you make a big fuss over it.… Read the rest

Adobe Slate

Adobe Slate is app currently for iPad only. This is really gorgeous app for internet publishing. You could create some newsletter or photo essay, complete with fancy effect. Its free and dead easy to use.

Here is one example I create.… Read the rest

Japan World at FIB

Few days ago I went to Japan World. An event hold by FIB UNAIR at Surabaya. As the name implies this event about Japanese culture especially anime and manga. Sadly there is no information about study in Japan or something like that.… Read the rest