GTA & MGS3 in One Game

Around 2008 I’m so busy and didn’t notice this game. Just playing this recently and I think Far Cry 2 is awesome. After you understand the mechanic, this game easier to do with stealth approach first, blast later.


YRYR Third Season

They just announced third season of YuruYuri. I’m ultra happy.

Official site has been updated. TYO Animation who work on OVA will doing this.

Pandora & Juggler

I also play PAD JP server. Recently they release a card collab that is beyond broken. The card name translated as Juggler. This card will never came to NA because Square Enix is a b!tch for licensing thing. Yes this card is part of Crystal Defense Collab.… Read the rest

Beach Episode

Saraba chikyuu yo
Tabidatsu fune wa
Uchuu senkan YAMATO

image host
Oops, wrong Yamato today. This one have dynamite body and huge appetite.
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But the biggest surprise is gap moe from Nagato. This always serious cool face and voice suddenly acting cute when saw an animal.… Read the rest

Ever Heard Cura?

Cura draw the best loli. Seriously you have to play Monobeno -Happy End- to appreciate how good his draw is. Even though you cannot read or understand Japan, this game is still worth for its H scene. I heard the story is nothing breakthrough.… Read the rest

YRYR Nachuyachumi

YuruYuri OVA just released with 1 hour duration. Because this OVA produced by TYO Animation, there are some minor difference with DogaKobo version. Even if you ignorance, color palette is the first that might be caught your attention. This OVA using color that less saturated.… Read the rest

This make want to buy PS4

Noire and Blanc glove is abit silly. But other than that this is great thight body suit. Based Tsunako.

Nep Nep

I haven’t defeated RB1 PC ver, waiting RB2 and RB3.

Japan World at FIB

Few days ago I went to Japan World. An event hold by FIB UNAIR at Surabaya. As the name implies this event about Japanese culture especially anime and manga. Sadly there is no information about study in Japan or something like that.… Read the rest

Pick A Destroyer As Flagship

Are you kidding? So this destroyer not only younger, inexperienced. She will have command in her unit. Your life at her hand. This episode balanced between comedy and mild drama. Bucky must tackle this wall if she want move forward.