Year of SoL

This year there are 3 SoL series that I’m wait to watch. This are Working!, Non Non Biyori and Gochiusa. This all are sequel, and a good one. Now if only they announce YuruYuri third season. Sadly no news either from Dogakobo or Namori.… Read the rest

Gattai in Gundam

I lost it when they doing gattai in Gundam series. A series that always lean toward real robot, now stretching to super robot territory. It’s not like Sunrise doing this for the first time. In G Gundam they also lean somewhat super robot.… Read the rest

Lets Roll

About 200+ days later starting with GOdin, my box is unbelievable good. One that I didn’t expect is rolling DMeta and GZL. Now I can do Keeper of Gold, Wednesday and of course Friday. Though I’m still scared doing some descend.… Read the rest

Moving On

So my previous blog is dead. I forgot renew my tld, ignoring for years and my xml backup seems incompatible with WP version 4.1. Starting fresh but I don’t care.

This blog will still talking about anime, manga and bunch shit of other including photography.… Read the rest